US, Nature & U

Our objective

A Journey that started  off as a hobby , creating simple homemade, chemical free, natural alternatives to personal care . La Flora Organics has been adding more  tried & tested herbal recipes to its list that are fully inspired & dedicated to Nature.We strive to keep it that way ,to pass on the Nature's touch to more & more people through our products.


Our team & Communities

 " Anthara Crafts",is a creative and Marketing concern for eco friendly, Handmade  & recycled products (  based in Pondicherry, South India. "La Flora Organics ", a Premium Bath & Body care brand is marketed & promoted by Anthara Crafts. We are a team who are passionate about Nature and who believe in what we do. We are committed to uncompromising quality and take pride in our work.

All our products are handcrafted by trained rural women.Their smiles make our products more beautiful. We are happy to support local livelihood, families & communities through our creations.

Our  Environ

 NATURE!!!She has all the answers. Yes, she poses  challenges at times ,still  she nurtures each of her creations.She has secrets & answers still unknown to the  so called advanced mankind. Its simple, we belong to her and our effort to discover her mystery is on...we are a part of her.The more we move away from her, the more adverse effects it has on mankind,especially our health & our Environment. Hence,we support organic farmers with our choice of base oils and herbs. At every stage of production, only energy efficient methods are used. As our products are toxin free, there is ZERO pollution to the environment whatsoever.We will continue to move our business toward greater sustainability.

Our Vision & Mission

La Flora Organics is creating a range of pure products for body care & wellness that is closest to Nature,has a positive impact on individuals, Earth & communities. 

Our philosophy

We are committed to create the best body care products  ,while supporting social and environmental progress on the local and global scale.

La Flora Organic products are and will continue to be  ,

 100% Natural. Plant based.     Biodegradable. Cruelty Free.H andmade with 

No  Harsh Chemicals. Sulfates (sodium or ammonium lauryl/laureth/myreth sulfate),Synthetic Parabens (methyl, proply, ethyl, butyl), Phthalates,  Animalfat, Detergents or foaming agents. Synthetic colorants. Alcohol . Artificial Perfumes or Fragrances. Triclosans. Animal testing (we love them too much).


"Natural "is a word that is often misused as a marketing term, so we felt it was important to define what natural means to us.

  • We only use ingredients that are found in nature and have a positive effect on our bodies.We will not use natural ingredients that have a harmful effect on the body and/or environment e.g. mineral oil, talc,petroleum derivatives,alcohol etc .
  • We use ingredients that can be used in their original form or ingredients that can be extracted from plants or minerals e.g. Essential Oils, Sea Salt,Edible Sugar,Edible Oils etc.
  • We are extremely fond of animals , we cannot imagine to test anything on them but Love..we test all recipes on ourselves, our kids,family ,friends before they reach U. There is no Animal derived products /Animals fats in any of our products except for Balms/Salves where we use Bees Wax as a natural solidifier for the Organic Oils. (Sorry, we simple refuse to use any petroleum jelly, or artificial Ointment base).
  •  We try to use eco friendly packaging as much as possible for our products .But for some products, due to reasons like logistics , product quality, we have to use plastic bottles ,(looking out for solutions always, bear with us  atleast for the time being). Still ,U being the  end user  ,a request you to  pls  recycle ,reuse the Oil & shampoo bottles , & of course our brown boxes (La Flora Soaps ) as much as you can.(Can use the empty soap boxes as potpourris  in shelves/cupboards/bathrooms ,just fill in some dry leaves or seeds with a few drops of your favourite essential oil like                                                    ( lemongrass /lavender /rose / geranium etc)