Lush Lavender Sugar Body scrub

Best sweet treat for your skin.Sugar Body Scrub exfoliates, detoxifies, mosturises your skin from shoulder to toes.Scrub away those toxic deposits ,pollutants and dead cells from your skin.Get the skin pores opened and let your skin breathe.Wake up and reconnect to your body. Organic & pure ,sulfur free Sugar granules act as the perfect carrier for the  Organic Olive Oil & Avocado Oils to penetrate and mosturise your skin .Aroma of Lavender essential oil refreshes & rejuvenates you in the shower. This handmade sugar scrub  makes your skin incredibly soft, supple & visibly radiant.Contains No Sulphates/Parabens/Triclosans/Hexane/Petroleum derivatives,/artificial colorants/Perfumes.


White Sugar *, Olive Oil*,Avocado oil, essential oil of Lavender*,Vit E Oil.

* Certified Organic ingredient.

How to use

Wet your skin with a quick, warm, shower.Massage  the sugar scrub into your skin using gentle circular motions until your skin is rosy or gives a tingling sensation from increased circulation. If you want to amplify the skin tightening effects,let the oil dry on your skin. Or else ,rinse off using La Flora Soap Bar( any mild soap).Towel dry.Mosturise.
Scrubbing is ideal twice or thrice a week.

Avoid using on broken or irritated skin.If allergic to any ingredients or oils pls skin test before use.For External use Only.Not Edible.Keep container closed after use and away from moisture & sunlight.

250 gms