Organic Sugar Body scrubs & polishes


La Flora Organics natural & organic body scrubs help exfoliate and revitalize skin.With age, environmental pollution and many other factors dead cells ,dirt deposits & other toxins tend to accumulate on the surface of our skin. Dead skin cells make skin appear dull and lifeless.

Why Sugar for skin??

We all love sugar as white sugar, cane sugar, palm sugar, brown sugar in our daily food menu; as additive in tea ,coffee or desserts .Of course sugar granules , an edible item would be the safest choice to give that "scrubbiness" on the skin.Moreover,sugar's AHAs (Alpha hydroxy acids) helps to release the dead skin cells from skin surface easily. It helps to unclog the pores ,promotes new cell growth,stimulates blood flow to the skin’s surface to give skin a healthy, youthful glow.Scrubbed skin quickly absorbs the oils in the sugar.Sugar in the scrub acts as a medium for the nourishing Veg oils,essential oils and butters to penetrate deep into the skin.The effect is a combination of "scrubbing and body oil massage" .It makes your skin feel soft,smooth and moisturised while the aromas of essential oils will relax you under the shower.