Mamma's Belly Balm

100 % Herbal- Healing-Handmade

 Stretch,Relax & Grow


A wonderful addition to your prenatal care.A Bio Balm to help you relax, reconnect to your transforming body in those nine months.Org Olive Oil & Jojoba Oil along with dollops of Shea Butter that nourishes,moisturises, softens your skin helping it to easily Stretch, expand as it needs.Helps to tame the itching sensation by generous application on Belly. Also apply on thighs, breasts,hip areas.This will help you to considerably reduce appearance of Stretch Marks.Ideal for applying even after  baby delivery to strengthen abdomen muscles & skin.The wonderful aroma of Org Lavender essential oil helps you to calm down & relax everytime . Celebrate your Motherhood!!

Ingredients: Org Olive Oil *,jojoba Oil * , Avocado Oil,Shea Butter,Essential Oil of Lavender *.

*-Certified Organic ingredient.


Harsh chemicals, petroleum derivatives, preservatives, artificial perfumes, colorants,gel/ointment base.

100% Natural &  Biodegradable.

Nett wt:25 gms.

 For External use only.If You are allergic to any ingredient pls skin test on your wrist/elbow before use.