Lemon peppermint refreshing Soap bar

Handmade, Vegan, Chemical & Cruelty Free, Cold process made refreshing bathing bar with loads of natural glycerine.Certfd Org Coconut & Olive Oils will moisturise and nurture the skin deeply.Organic  Lemon oil has anti-infection, astringent, detoxifying, antiseptic, sleep inducing properties.Organic Mint essential Oil with real dried Mint leaves has menthol that gives a cooling effect on skin .Ideal for the tough manly skin.Contains no Sulphates/Parabens/Triclosans,Petroleum derivatives, artificial Perfumes ,chemical hardeners or foaming agents.


Org Coconut Oil *,Org Olive Oil*, Org Castor Oil*, Palm Oil, Org Sunflower Oil*,Essential Oil of Lemon/Peppermint,Mint leaves, annato natural colorant,Lye(used for saponification,does not remain in finished soap bar), DM water.

*-Certfd Organic Ingredient.80% Organics & 20% naturals.

How to use

Apply wet bar on wet palms.Work out a rich lather on your skin.Rinse off and pat dry.For a long lasting bar ,pls leave the bathing bar  in a dry dish/place after use.

Wt:100 gms