"SUNDARI" Ayurvedic Hair growth Oil

An Ayurvedic blend of 14 handpicked herbs,sun dried botanical, and Organic Coconut Oil that can do wonders to your hair & scalp.A healthy lifestyle & a good hair care regime can certainly give you lustrous hair, as said & done by our own Grandmas. This is our Grandma's recipe that has been passed on from generations through the women in the family.We are happy to share it with the world as "SUNDAR" Hair oil.Regular usage of  “Sundari “ Hair Oil helps to reduce excessive hair fall, promotes growth of new hair follicles, reduces dandruff and scalp irritations, prevents premature greying of hair,repairs damaged hair,prevents hair breakage . It also cools & refreshes your scalp, promotes good sleep, helps reduce headaches ,migraine. Its the power of traditional herbs that is carefully induced into Organic coconut oil the ayurvedic way.With the goodness of Amla, Bhringa,Aloevera, Indigo,Triphala, Hibiscus, curry leaves, Henna,Brahmi, Tulsi ,in every drop .“Sundari “Hair growth Oil  nourishes &  strengthens  your hair from root to tip the Ayurvedic way…... Contains no harsh chemicals or hexane or mineral oil or preservative or artificial perfumes or colorant.


Neeliamari-(Indigoferra tinctoria),Bhringa(Eclipta alba),Kattarvazha (Aloe Vera),Curry Leaves(Murraya Koenigii),Brahmi(Bacopa Munnieri),Tulsi Leaves(Ocimum tenuiflorum), Arukam aves(Cynodon_dactylon),Henna Leaves(Lawsonia Inermis),Hibiscus Leaves & flowers (Rosa Sinensis),Amla/Nellika(Phyllanthus Emblica),Thanika(Terminalia chebu),Kadukka ( Terminalia Chebulala),Pepper(Piper Nigrum),,Camphor( Cinnamonum camphora),Coconut Milk,Organic Rosemary essential oil,Organic Coconut Oil.

How to use

Take a little hair Oil .Massage it on to your scalp in gentle circular motion using your fingers.Apply on your hair as well. Repeat this as required for all areas of your scalp & Hair.Wait  for atleast half an hour before you take head bath .any other Mild/Natural shampoo only. For better absorption  of the herbals in the oil, you can even wrap a hot towel around the hair for 15 minutes before bath.Massage can be an excellent part of your Hair care regime. It improves blood circulation to your scalp that promtes hair growth ,promotes better absorbtion of hair oil ,relaxes & destresses you. Regular use, atleast 3-4 times a week will give you noticeable results.

100 ml/3.38 oz

Keep bottle away from direct sunlight/water contamination.If allergic to any ingredient pls skin test before use . Ayurvedic, Natural, handmade product-Appearance,fragrance may slightly change with time & climate,but quality remains unaffected. For external use only. If allergic to any ingredient pls skin test before use.Results may vary from individual to individual.