"Pain & Cold relief " Detox Foot soak/Bath Salt

Ease your tired, achy muscles with this energizing Epsom Bath Salt/Foot Soak. It helps relieve pain by reducing inflammation, relaxing tight muscles and lifting your mood. Lemongrass, Eucalyptus and rosemary oils helps to clear your mind and revives your energy  ,esp when you're feeling down.Helps to clear your stuffy nose and chest congestion.  Sea salts, when combined with warm water, help open up the pores  giving you a healthy and youthful glow.  Epsom salt relieve stress and pain, help muscles and nerves to function properly and great for your skin.  While Baking Soda alkalizes the body,softens skin.Real Eucalyptus,mint & tulsi leaves gives you the real herbal effect.Comes with a Eco coconut shell, handmade spoon for easy usage & for keeping salts dry.


Pure, Solar vaporised Sea Salt Crystals , Epsom Salt, Dead sea Salt, Baking Soda, Organic essential oils of Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Green  food colour. Dired Mint,Eucalyptus & Tulsi leaves.

How to use

To Use In a bath Tub: Add 5/6 spoonful as the running warm water is filling in.Mix the salts  into the water. Just Soak in  ,lie back,relax for 15/20 Minutes for good detox effect.
In a bucket bath: Add 2/3 spoonful as the running warm water is filling in. Mix the salt into the water. the water will cleanses & rejuvenate you.
As a Foot soak: Take a large bowl  that’s filled  ¾  with warm water.Add 1or 2 spooful of salts in and mix. Dip your feet in  ,let it soak for 15/20 minutes ,sit back, relax  to get relief from achy ,smelly feet.
Use before bed time so that you can really relax after detoxification.

250 gms/8.8oz


Avoid using bath salts if you are pregnant, dehydrated, have high  blood pressure or open sores .Drink a glass of water before and after the bath to keep yourself hydrated .For external use only.Keep the bottle in a dry place away from direct sunlight & water contamination. Natural product ,if  allergic to any ingredients then pls skin test before use or consult doctor.