"Baby Flora"- A special Gift Combo for the little Angel !

Combo contain:La Flora Organics - Baby Bath & Body Massage Oil, La Flora organics baby Soft Handmade Natural soap bar,La Flora Organics Baby Bottoms Balm.</p>

Baby's  Bottoms- Bio Balm -Herbal-Healing-Handmade 

Pure ,Safe,  Natural way to treat Nappy /Diaper rashes of your baby.Its Cloth Diaper safe.Also heals Sunburn,any Skin sores or rashes.Ideal for adult usage too.Also a quick skin care  balm for any house hold. Organic Olive Oil & Avocado Oils soothes the   skin. Calendula Oil is a well known Skin care-therapeutic oil  thats ideal for Babies.

No harsh chemicals, petroleum derivatives, preservatives, artificial perfumes, colorants,gel/ointment base.

100% Natural, Biodegradable.

 Ingredients:Organic Olive Oil* , Jojoba Oil *,Avocado Oil,Calendula Oil *,Lavender essential Oil *,Natural Beeswax.</p>

*-Certified Organic ingredient.</p>

Nett wt : 25 gms</p>

For external use only.If your baby is allergic to any ingredient,pls skin test before use or consult doctor.

Baby-Bath & Body Massage Oil<

Pure. Gentle.  Nourishing

 A Multipurpose Oil , specially handblended using Organic  Olive Oil ,Almond oil,Org Calendula Oil  . Therapeutic  Calendula Oil is proven to have healing effects,while Olive Oil the best massage oil for  baby's sensitive skin.Massage it on your baby’s body gently before bath ,use it  as  after bath mosturiser or  add a little in the bath tub. Ideal for removing cradle cap too.


Olive Oil- olive Oil was one of the first non-animal-based oils used to make soap. It's silky smooth and can also protect your skin against sun damage. It is rich in healthy fats and antioxidant, vitamin E along with squalene and oleic acids

 Calendula Oil-Wonderful Therapeutic Oil from Calendula Flowers (Marigold Flower family), a known homeopathic remedy for Skin irritations,rashes, psoriasis.Excellent for Kids & babies.

 Almond Oil: From Almonds ,best known for their rich Vit E & antioxident content. Nourishes & Moisturizes the Skin deeply.</p>

 Massage...the Magic Touch!!!

.Regular massage is proven to improve the growth & motor skill devolopment of your little angel,.

.Massage or Touch Therapy is way of having  wonderful time to bond with your baby more.

.     Relaxes your  baby ,reduces anxiety,promotes better sleep.</p>

 No   Mineral Oils. Petroleum derivatives.Preservatives. Artificial perfumes or colorants.

 Ingredients: Virgin Coconut Oil *, Olive Oil,  Almond Oil ,Calendula Oil* .*-certified Organic ingredient.

To Use.

For massage: Pour a little oil on to your palms,rub it together to warm it up a bit,now massage on to  baby’s body in gentle strokes.

For Cradle Cap: Gently massage 1-2 tsp. of Baby Bath & Massage Oil into scalp.Leave the oil on the entire scalp for 10 to 20 minutes. Loosen cradle cap with a gentle touch , a soft hairbrush or cloth. Brush away flakes and allow oil to absorb into skin.

Net  Wt:100 ml/3.38 oz

 Baby Soft -Natural Soap bar

Absolutely Pure.!Mild! Gentle!

Organic & Virgin Coconut ,Olive Oils, handblended with skin caring  Shea Butter, Calendula flower extracts, calming lavender essential oil ,cold processed by 6 weeks making  this mild bathing bar  that mosturises & gently cleanses the delicate skin of your little angel. Also Ideal for adults with sensitive skin or extreme skin irritations .

Ingredients :Virgin Cococnut Oil *,Olive Oil*, , Castor Oil*,Palm Oil, Shea Butter , Essential Oil of Lavender, Calendula flower extract , Lye, Distilled water

Nett Wt: 100 gms<