Organic & Therapeutic Bath & Body care creations

"Flora "means The Plant World.

A journey back into the comfort cocoon of mother NATURE.Celebrating the simple powers of NATURE.

A wonderful world of organic ,safe & therapeutic skin care .100% Natural ,toxin free bath & skin  care products that are enriched with the goodness of Aromatherapy & ancient Ayurveda.Simple blends, handcrafted using certified organic  oils, therapeutic grade essential oils, botanical, herbs  & a whole lot of wholesome elements that are sustainably sourced from our own gardens and many other certified organic farms,suppliers & farmers in India.Personal care just the way our grandmothers used to do at home before the arrival of sophisticated multinational brands.


All La Flora Organics products are biodegradable, free of  synthetic additives like Sulphates /Parabens/Triclosans /Alcohol/Chemical preservatives/petroleum derivatives like Mineral Oils/Paraffin/Hexanes/ artificial  perfumes or colorants.Untouched by machines,100% handmade in small batches by trained rural women ,there by supporting their talent, livelihoods & rural  communities. We can test only love on our furred friends .All of our creations are VEGAN,contains no animal based ingredient (except for Herbal Bio Balms as they contain natural bees wax).Products are prepared using energy efficient and environment friendly methods so that only good things goes back to Mother earth.

Made in India with love.






Cruelty Free